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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sometimes, life brings out something in you that you don’t know that you do possess it.
No, I’m not talking about your potential, your talents, or anything tangible.
No, I’m talking about your fears.
Yes, you’ve got me right. FEARS.
There can be so many different types of fear. Xenophobia, phobias of heights, phobias of weight (?) (Does having eating disorders count?), phobias of just about anything.
But for me, I’ve gradually walked out of something dark.
I’ve always been the paranoid type of person. Like what Jie Ying mentioned, it’s utterly ironic to say that one has just added paranoia into the list of worries/fears. -_-“’
I worry just about everything under the sun.
But what worries me the most is that I worry about having non-existent stuff. How aptly ironic hur hur. Yeah, things like me having the slightest chance of contracting all sorts of diseases. Diabetics. Breast cancer. You name it, I’ve prolly have thought about it before.
Diseases are scary. They usually hit you when you least expect it. I mean, how often have you heard of anyone saying “I know I would be the unlucky one.”? More often than not, it’s has been like “Damn it! Why does it have to be me?! What did I do wrong to deserve this?” But diseases are democratic in a way. Everyone does go through some sort of illness before. Honestly, who hasn’t been sick before?
Well, at least I am trying hard to conquer one other fear. The fear of failing.
Since Primary One, I’ve always feared failing my tests, exams etc. Anything to do with school stuff. Be it academic-based or non-academic based.
Particularly academic-based.
I vividly remembered that I cried just before my first ever examinations in Primary One. It stunned me. It stunned my mum. (And my mum always seem to make it a point to tell other people about it. -_-“’ ) I mean, here I am, a little girl who is supposedly brave. Brave enough not to cry on my first day of kindergarden. Brave enough to shoo my mum away while just about every other kid is wailing their lungs out and clutching on to their mum’s/dad’s legs, refusing to let go. Here is a girl who is not afraid of any first days of school; here is a girl who yaks to her teachers as though they are her friends. She, afraid of an inanimate object such as the test paper? You must be joking!
I am not joking.
I am sure everyone of you out there are afraid of examinations in one way or another. But I doubt you fear them as much as me.
I fall sick before EVERY SINGLE EXAMINATION PERIOD. Damn it, always just before them! It affected my concentration in trying to mug, and thus it only served to make me even more worried.
Did I study enough? Did anything go in? Heck, did I even understand what’s going on?
Anxiety is bad. It made me forget about a LOT of stuff when I do enter the exam hall. Thus, sometimes the results do not reflect what I’ve prepared.
I started worrying about my grades before my exams officially started. I continued to worry during the exam period itself. I worried even more after the exams.
And then, I’ll prolly be disappointed.
Life is hence such a dark vicious cycle.
But hey, I’ve gradually walked out of it. I’ve stopped thinking about how I’ll fare. Correction. I tried to stop thinking about it. If you ask me whether I still do, the answer is yes. Well, after all, the catchword is ‘GRADUALLY’. Heck, I even resort to being a councilor to some of my friends!
My point is, if I can overcome my fears, so can you.
I’m absolutely sure of it.
Life can indeed bring out something in you that you don’t know that you do possess it. In my case, I’ve never thought I could ever see the light out of the tunnel. But I’m beginning to see it. And yes, it’s a good thing.

Just The Girl @ 6:14 AM

Monday, December 11, 2006

Eh, as anyone can see, I am so UTTERLY bored at home. So, I've decided to revive this blog!

(I almost forgot the password sia! Ahem* )

Nothing much to write, nothing much to update, so I'll just treat this post as a mini-celebration of sorts of the RISE OF THE UNDEAD-BLOG! LOL.

LALALA. Till again then! =)

Just The Girl @ 12:25 AM

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You scored as Psychology. You should be a Psychology major!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with

Just The Girl @ 11:04 PM

Monday, December 19, 2005

What do Harry Potter Characters think of YOU? by WetWillie
What is your name?
What is your favorite subject?
Which word appeals to you?
Which of these would you rather do?
What do you think of Harry Potter?
Harry're too high-maintainance.
Ron're his soul-mate.
Hermione and Harry would make a cute couple.
Fred/George're a worse flier than Ron.
Draco're mind-blowing in bed.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Just The Girl @ 11:28 PM

Saturday, July 09, 2005

As you can see, I am SOO bo liao now, lazing around at home, with nothing much to do except to read newspapers ( I love reading newspapers! They make time pass more quickly.), or watching news or whatever nonsense there is on TV.

Some cute things I've found due to my bo liao-ness:

From TNP:


Noah did not just built an ark, but he taught some important life lessons too.

1) Don't miss the boat.
2) Whatever your life story, we're all in the same boat.
3) Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.
4) Stay fit. When you're 60, someone may ask you to do something really big.
5) Don't listen to critics---just get on with the job.
6) Build your future on high ground.
7) For safety, travel in pairs.
8) Speed is not always an advantage. The snails came together with the cheetahs.
9) Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs and the Titanic by professionals. Guess which one sank?
10) Whatever the storm, there's always a rainbow waiting.

From myself:

Lazy Guy 1 was lying on the bed, for *ahem* lazing around, (Duh!) when Guy 2 came rushing into his room at 12pm.

Guy 2: Yay! TGIS! Thank God it's Saturday! Yay! Just finished my work! 1 and a half day of full resting and slacking around!
(Guy 1 looks utterly lifeless. He couldn't be bothered of course. I mean, he's been slacking and stoning there since..erm..he was unemployed?)
Guy 2: Ok, I just realise that I just made an utterly useless and unnecessary comment to someone who's always slacking.
Guy 1: ( (-_-") in his mind)... Gee thanks for that utterly useful and necessary compliment. I love it! (continue to lie on his bed, slacking and stoning.)



(so the bad language has nothing to do with me..=) )
hey do u hav 500 frens too? =]
- Inspired- Inspired by Samuel/Jun Haowho wrote a very true article.- Hope this article will be passed down to those who realise it's the truth.You see, people in friendster are like NUTS, Guys and Girls, no offence but, girls especially.You guys use the word me as miee, you as euu. 'diao' so damn frequently like using your grandma's lawn.Do yous guys know the meaning?Guys too, listen up.Diao - meaning a male's genital or rather, manhood strong and powerful,robust and sturdy.You guys use it as if it's some -_- statement. Acting cute while you are at it.Like what Samuel said, Friendster profiles are chewed up and spit out like bad bacon.Next point. I know for you youngster reading this atthe age of 10-13.uP aNd DoWn is WaYyYY cOoL. ReAlLYuBeR aNd 1337. No, if you grow up,you'll find it real lame.Unless you have a nickname which was like this till now. Try completing a resume using aLtErNaTe cAps. I bet the person reading it will laugh his lungs out.It's wayyyy gh3y. YES, GH3Y, pronounce it and it becomes GAY. Notes to add :GH3Y is in h4ck3r's language. I'm done with the first half, take a break. Drink some coffee. Done? Read on. 75% of the girls always have this or something similiar in their profiles. dUnCh MeSsAgE miie iN fWeNsTeRtWoo aDd eUu. yOU aDd miEe oNlY.dUnCh aDd miIe JusT beCuZ eUu wAnTmOrE fRiEnS.OH COME ON. I've seen many girls advertise on irc like this.. example. no offence now. This one's from the channel #teens[02:57] add miee in fwenster . asap pls. .! thx! Her profile which i went to, had the message.>>>> if u msg muee to add muee in2 ur acct, sowie. im NOT interested. just dun eva try ta add muee jus bcus uwan more fwens or u wan feel popular in fwenster.i dunch entertain to this kinda lame shiet. See the irony? Anyways. Many peoplejust add to raise some social status. Especially those with 400-500 friends and need another account.Since you have SOOOOO many so called 'friends'. How many actually talk tou? do you all talk to each other?All 500 of them? even msn messenger cannot hold 500 contacts.There are sure to be people with 2 account or more, let's take 500 as 400then. Still, MSN MESSENGER can only hold150 contacts, unless u r a premium member.I hope i'm not inflicting any pain to you if your one of those like stated above,it's just the painful truth that shows how retarded and imbecile singaporeans can be.So girls, stop euuu-ing and miieee-ingand pwease, ish bery irritating to shee tat.S uch english, go rot in hell ^^. And it isn't cute at all. People would laugh at your stupidity instead. We would love to minimize the spellings in a word, likereducing you to u. Which retarded would wanna type u as euu? Either you're childish or just stupid.The reason why Singapore isn't very much improving cause of US,we singaporeans have become laughing stock of society actually.


Yes I fully second to that. =)

OH NO I AM REALLY BO LIAO! How? I need a life. Like Kenny Sia's. =)

Just The Girl @ 1:45 AM

Friday, July 08, 2005

*PS: I can't seem to reply to tags! It keep asking me whether my 'cookies' are deactivated! And no matter how I try, I just can't seem to deactivate the cookies!! Someone pleassseee kindly help? Gee, thanks! Anyway, what do you guys think about the new layout? I love pigs!*

Went out with my fave Claressa yesterday. It was a great day to me as usual, and I'm always contented to go out with my friends (in this case Claressa or Cla for short), and whatever happened shall be a secret. Or rather, since the outing has nothing to do with my blog title lar! Heh. Anyway, many thanks to Cla's friends for treating me Sakae Sushi yesterday! I owe them one! And of course, thanks to Cla for shopping with me yesterday, and the amount we spent was say the least. Ok, let's move on and not talk about such unhappy stuff (i.e: pondering about the forever diminishing bank account. I presume everyone has the same problem as me? Erm, maybe not. Because there's always Chelsea around. Which translates to a certain Mr Roman Abramovich around, whose billions just can't stop increasing. WTH? But that's not the point.

I was on the extremely squeezy MRT ride at around 8:45pm. I had no idea why the MRT is crowded at the particular point of time. It's like everyone's bodies were packed like sardines, and readers are encouraged to imagine how that feels. Haha.

As the crowd starts to disperse at Lavender MRT stop (I haven't had the slightest idea why the mass exodus at Lavender stop. Maybe 'coz people want to sit coach to Malaysia? That's the only reason I could think of. Any idea peeps?) Anyway, there's this group of adults, comprising of a rather short, geeky, nerdy guy who had a back-to-school black bag to complete his look, who was constantly distracted by the rest of the females while he was reading some chim book, and yar, that bunch of ladies, who were very well-dressed and were definitely tai-tais or tai-tais-in-the-making. One could know from the way they dress; everything from head-to-toe were branded, and one of them even had a white hat! Yes, those traditional yet elegant white hats that you would only see in European countries, like those kind of hats from Howl's Moving Castle. I'm like, EXCUSE ME? You are in the MRT, where there is constant shade from the sun. Moreover, it is AT NIGHT OK! Everyone was staring at her lar; either she doesn't know or she doesn't bother( I highly suspect the latter was the reason). Oh no, I went out of point again. Argh, no wonder my GP compositions were either passed with flying colours (Actually I truly wonder who created the phrase? What flying colours? HUH? How can colours fly? It's just so...illogical and illuminated with fantasy.), or I flunk them real bad. It's always the extreme! Okayt, anyway the women gave him a Parker pen. A Parker pan can! The guy refused, but still accepted it in the end when they tried to act angry and chroused "Why don't you accept? How can? We know, you must be thinking why are we giving you such a small gift right? Don't you like it?" Anyway, the guy looked as though he didn't want to be there, and yet he was trying hard to impress by 'hao lianing' how well he spent his time. He emphasised that almost all his friends were getting married, while on the contrary, he was a swinging single who had lots of time on his hands (Again, how can anyone has time on their hands when time is such an intangible thing? Bizarre!) and thus, he wanted to constantly upgrade himself and therefore was always learning something new and diverse. The women seemed impressed (or maybe they were just being polite), but to me, it just seems that he was trying wayyy tooo hard. Anyway, I soon learnt that one of the women is married. And she was the one he was yakking to most of the time. Go figure.

(In case you are wondering why I know such detailed details, it's not 'coz I was eavesdropping. Their conversation was LOUD enough for anyone in the near 8-10 metres to hear it. And I was only standing next to them. So even if I tried to sht off my ears, I'm not sure whether or not I could prevent myself from hearing. IT IS NOT VOLUNTARY lar.)

The main traumatising part came. After that particular group dropped off from Eunos stop, I heaved a sigh of relief. Yay! Peace ahead!

Just when I was still gleeing from the fact, a rather small bulit lady in her late 30s or early 40s suddenly looked at her own reflection and walked towards me and complained. (I was leaning on the side of the doors that do not open; she was standing in a manner that was facing me.) The conversation went something like that.

Lady: Oh my goodness, my hair is sooo dry and frizzy! How? (Proceeds to touch her hair in an unhappy manner, sulks, and looks at me helplessly.)
Me: Erm, why is it like that? Did you try using a hair conditioner?
Lady: Yar! But I still don't know why my hair is like that. How? (Wails)
Me: Hmm, maybe you should use a leave-in conditioner?
Lady: Huh? You mean there is a brand called 'Leave In'? (She thinks the word 'leave in' is the name of a conditioner brand!)
Me: No, it's a kind of conditioner that you do not need to rinse off. After shampooing your hair and towel-dried it, you apply some onto your hair. In a way, it works like a hair cream, but the effects are way better.
Lady: (sounding impressed) I see. How I wish my hair is as soft as yours! (Proceeds to touch my hair) You don't mind right?
Me: (Embarassed) Erm, no. Don't worry about it. Actually i just dyed my hair 2 days ago, so it's a bit dry and stiff..
Lady: (cuts off my sentence) No! It's not! It's so soft. (reminiscing) Guess we all had those times when our hair was soft and nice. Sigh, I'm getting old. How I wish I can turn back time.
Me: Yar, I understand what you mean. Hmm, you were once my age before, which means you once had what I have now. At least you have it before. It's like the irony of life. When you were young, you desire to grow up quickly and on the other hand,(I start yakking incoherently.)
Lady: Yar, that's life, isn't it? (looks sad) Anyway, why do you dye your hair?
Me: Erm, I have a lot of white hair. It's genetic, that's why. (That's where my mistake started!)
Lady: Actually, ...........................(talks a lot about DNA, genesm biochemical science, biomed etc etc for about 5-7 mins. I don't reall understand the terminology of science terms. What to do? I'm such an arts person. Moreover, she made a point in emphasising her son is 21 years old and currently studying biochem in a university, and seems interested in me knowing her son. ?!?!) I believe that a person's diet, one's upbringing, one's way of life and climate affect a person's DNA and genes. You see, so I don't really believe when you say about genetic or hereditary..
Me: Oh I see, I get your point. (smiles politely)
Lady: So, where are you alighting?
Me: Tampines.
Lady: Same as me! Haha, which means I would have some lovely company till then. (She compliments I look intelligent. ?!?!) So, are you working now or what? How old are you?
Me: I'm 19, waiting for admission for university, majoring in Economics.
Lady: (hears wrongly) Oh I see. So what do you think about the world economy now?
Me: Erm, actually I'm an undergraduate-to-be. Entering university soon. This month, to be exact. (Flashes my megawatt smile in order to cover my paiseh-ness for my inability to answer her question.)
Lady: Oh. Anyway, you should start reading about such stuff soon in order not to lag behind. Are you pursuing what you really like and enjoy?
Me: Yup, I really do like econs. I maybe doing another major in English Literature (it's my turn to boast) I know they are diverse subjects, but I like them both. Highly analytical.
Lady: That's very good. I'm glad you are able to think that way. If people pursue what they do not like, they will not get any satisfication and it would be so boring. Life would be meaningless then. I like your uniqueness.
(By this time, we had already tapped our Ez-link cards.)
Me: Are you taking a bus?
Lady: No, dear. I have a bicycle parked there. (points at This Fashion direction there)
Me:Oh I see.
Lady: Bye. It was nice to meet and know you, dear. Have a great day!
Me: (glances at watch) Yup, me too. Have a great night!

*Scurries off*


I have no idea why I keep meeting weird people. But in this case, I would call it an unconventional meeting. Who would think of meeting a new friend (though she's twice my age) in an MRT, just when you are about to doze off? Hmm, interesting.

Checked my email when I reached home yesterday. YAY! I have a hostel room already. I'm in Hall 1, anyone same as me or near me? So far, I only know Yiling is posted to Hall 6!

Pros and Cons of Hall 1:
Pros (1): I heard it is the hall with private toilet! But must clean ourselves lar.
Cons (1): It is damn old! It is the oldest Hall!! Looks gothic and errie ourside
Pros (2): I MIGHT get an aircon hostel? Even if I have, I heard I might need to wait for around 6 mths for the aircon to be up and going. Shall update again when I go there and check it out.
Cons (2): It's quite far away from my school aka faculty! Sigh..
Pros (3): The spirit in Hall 1 is the BEST! (Everyone says so.) Sounds like TPJC Arts Fac to me! Heh.

So far, these are all I can gathered. Will update when I know about it more clearly.


While checking my email, I received yet another Friendster message from strangers to make friends. ARGHH. Again. And this time around, it's a guy who's already attached. WTH? Which makes me think...what's the point of writing "Who I Want to Meet:Who i would like 2 meet, i've already met the gal of my dream. She's very understanding,loving,caring,supportive, down 2 earth,..i love Everythng bout her.. I'm so happy i finally found u .. Well u noe hw i feel .. remember the man n the moon!!! :p" when you don't mean it? It's like cheating on your other siginificant half behind their backs? Maybe I should try putting "In a Relationship" to stop all these nonsense coming in. Opinions, anyone?

Since I was surfing Friendster, I came across this unique message that was sent to me LONG LONG AGO!

localDateTimewithTimezone("June 13, 2004 2:04 AM","timetag1");
Sunday, June 13, 2004 5:04:00 PM
wanna wrk part time for LUX in june and July? gd commission!
"Lux wants girls in July. Girls must be presentable with nice hair "
Lux wants girls in July. Girls must be presentable with nice hair
and skin. These girls must be able to COMMIT till at least the and skin. These girls must be able to COMMIT till at least the 2nd wk of July. They need not have perfect complexion and can
2nd wk of July. They need not have perfect complexion and can be slightly plumb. Singaporeans or PRs only, and at least 18 yrs be slightly plumb. Singaporeans or PRs only, and at least 18 yrs
of age..The working days will be thursday & friday ( 6pm - 9pm) , saturday & sunday ( 2pm - 9 pm). A total of 20 working hour saturday & sunday ( 2pm - 9 pm). A total of 20 working hour each week. The pay will be $5/hr, which is the average market rate. The commission is $1/big bott and $0.40/small bott of LUX shampoo or ANY ORGANICS shampoo. If you check, most LUX shampoo or ANY ORGANICS shampoo. If you check, most commission will not even exceed $0.40/bott/pckt. Locations are at supermarkets. We will try to put you somewhere near are at supermarkets. We will try to put you somewhere near your home, if not somewhere centralized like the city area.The LUX male personnel has tried selling ( Choa Chu Kang) for just 2 hours and he sold 20 bottles!! If you can sell just 4 bottles in an hour ( abt 1 every 15 minutes), you can earn up to $180 for the week for just 20 working hours!LUX is a distinguished brand and it is not a problem selling it. But these girls MUST attend the NTUC COURSE on 7th July, at magaret drive. It starts at 850 am and ends at 5pm. Another compulsory training will be paid by LUX for personal grooming, product knowledge and hair as they want these girls to uphold the LUX image. Time and date to be confirmed later.You can ask more of your girlfriends to join in. You can contact me at 97471303 in the day or email me at Do leave your contact number so that I can call you if anything. They hope to keep this going on for 2 months and if it is good, they wish to have a long-termpromotion for 1 year. Of course they will hope to use the same girls. Therefore, do think about it again. It is definitely a good money making investment. If you are able to commit, do not hesitate to drop me a mail/call. Do hope to hear form you. Please reply through my email above as I have exceeded the day's friendster's msg limit and will not be able to reply you. Send me a picture of yourself and LEAVE YOUR CONTACT NUMBER as well. This is quite an urgent matter, as we need another 10 gals as some of them backed out. Thanks.

Haha, what do you think? =)

A little story to share with you all. I created it myself. =)

There was once 3 male prisoners sitting on a bench, chatting to each other. 2 of them were not intellectual, and only one was cleverer than the both of them. The smarter one was reading a random book that were given to them but none of them know how to read or can't be bothered. Let's call the smart guy SG, and the 2 other guys as Guy 1 and Guy 2.

Guy 1 and 2: How are you reading?
SG: Oh, just a random book.
Guy 1: What is it about?
Guy 2: Yar, I also want to know!
SG: Hmm, why not I tell you a story?
Guy 1 and 2: YAY! Okay! (sitting closer in anticipation.)
SG: There was once a guy who want to send 2 guys to Africa...
Guy 1: (cuts off SG's sentence): Aiyo, can make it simpler?
SG: Okok, hmm, for example, I sent you (points at Guy 1) , and you (points at Guy 2) to Africa to sell shoes...
(Before SG could finish, both Guy1 and Guy2 started arguing.)
Guy 1: What rubbish? Africa people are soooo poor! How to afford shoes? They don't even know how to wear shoes! Go there sell sure lose $$! SG, are you mad? It's a money-losing business! Who would be so dumb to sell shoes there?
Guy 2: No what! Great idea! I love the idea. They don't know how, teach them lor! Can you imagine? Nobody would sell there except us! We will be the sole supplier! We'll be rich! Yay!
(As they argue, SG walks away.)
Guy 1 and 2: Hey! Why are you walking away? You haven't finish your story!
SG: I finished already what.
(Guy 1 and 2 look confused.)
SG: (smiles) You see, the meaning I am trying to get across is in no matter what kind of situations or circumstances, there will always be the optimistic people and the pessimistic people. Understand?
Guy 1 and 2: Oh I see. Yes!

Understand, people?

Just The Girl @ 9:53 PM

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Yup, I'm just back from Malaysia two days ago. And what do you all know? This hjas got to be my most traumatising Malaysia trip ever. Ever.

It was meant to be a 4 days 3 nights trip to Genting-cum-KL. Initially, I wailed and pestered my family to extend the trip, maybe like 5 days? But thank goodness that they didn't, or else I would be cursing and scolding myself endlessly.

I woke up at an ungodly hour of 4:50 am, when I only managed to catch about 3 hours of sleep at most. So readers are highly encouraged to imagine how vampirish I look like, with saggy eyebags and dark eye circles, and some uber unsightly blemishes appearing on my face. (Arghhhh!! Whatever happened to my almost flawless face? Heng ah, I am recovering sia. If only any of you saw me that day, my face's angry blemishes are truly at its peak performance man! Haha, okay I know that is not the point. Whatever man.) So, to cut short, armed with my luggage (yes, that particular luggage bag that I brought to go Genting for competition.), which was awfully light as it was only half-filled (Ok I digress again. I mean, you might ask me why do I bring along that luggage bag when I could easily brought a handier and smaller one? Aiya, what else man? Of course it must be retail therapy lar! See, I am so WELL-PREPARED. Haha!! **Point of reference: I did not buy many clothes. In fact, only a measly 2 t-shirts. Hai, so disappointing!!!)

Ok, so off we went to board the coach. Of all seats, I was seated behind with my brother. I mean, ALL THE WAY BEHIND can!! Initially, I thought nothing about it; in fact, I was quite pleased with the arrangement, because it means I can have some peace!! But what do I know?? Being a 6-7 hour trip, it had gotten hotter and hotter. And of all times, the air-conditioner that is placed so strategically on top of me, blowing such cooling wind at me, BROKE DOWN!!!! Broke down ok! And it broke down at 11 + am. Which is one of the hottest time of the day!! I was actually snoozing away, cuddling my B.U.M bag as a makeshift bolster aka pillow, when it broke down! How do I know? Because I was SWEATING like a roasted pig lar! And then something else happened. The coach was blewing some weird HOT exhuast from behind, 'hitting' my back oh-so-directly. So traumatising! But what to do? I had to endure for the rest of the journey. I was lamenting to myself how suay can i be?? Luckily for me, when the coach was twirling (Ok it sounds wrong. But whatever.) around that mountain, going up the slope, the bus grew gradually colder and I became pleased and pacified after that. I was not going to let that bus ride ruin my trip, my last overseas trip before my school term starts.

I shall not bore you, my readers, with what I eat, what time I sleep etc. It's so nonsensical. But I must recommend that particular restaurant called "Spice Garden". It serves such mouth-watering and sumptuous Indian food that it was well worth the money. So, if you ever go Genting, go dine there!! Anyway, I shall narrate to you about what happened next day.

For the next two days, 6 out of my 8 family members went down to KL, travelling by the coach, which was an hour ride. Luckily, the coach's air-conditioner did not broke down. So after a smooth journey, we reached KL at 10am. 10 am!! Haha, we boarded the earliest bus, which was 9 am. Anyway, the weird me woke up at 5:45am. Arghh! Haha, must be the usual time for jogging. (yes peeps, laugh all you want. I just started jogging. At such unearthly hour. Go ahead and laugh) Ah, I digressed again. Sorry about that.

My GM (it stands for something. go figure. its easy-peasy.) , being old, has diffculty walking. Moreover, some parts of her shoes had fallen off, and it made her even harder to walk. Being the typical kiasu Singaporeans, my aunt and I scurried off to Puduraya bus station to purchase the return tickets for the last ride back to the hotel. So suay again. Because the bus station was undergoing renovations, so we had to find the make-shift ticket booths in the really bad-smelling station. When we finally found it, we realised that the last ride was at 7 pm leh! Just when the city gets really up and going, we have to head back. Such weird timing! But anyway.

Since her shoes are spoilt, we went to Sungei Wang to get her a new pair. Being thrify* (thats the nicest word I can think of), she began to argued at the shop assistants for discount. It is so paiseh, because it is written clearly that it is nett-price there, and being a shopping centre, how can anyone ask for discounts? She finally relented and bought a pair of comfort shoes for walking. But throughout the rest of the day, she kept nagging and nagging, complaining how expensive the shoes are. Complain until I also headache.

The climax came. After finishing lunch, my aunt suggested that we go Sogo instead of staying at Sungei Wang as we had been to Sungei Wang for many times but never to Sogo. We started down the escalator and out of the sudden, my mother and I (we were walking abreast of the rest) lost sight of the rest of them. We started to panic. I mean, shucks! None of them has a auto-roaming service in their handphones, except my mother and my other aunt, who was staying at Genting'c casino. We were petrified, to say the least. Never the calm one, I began uttering all the worst case senarios that could happen, despite knowing my mum can't be nervous, or else she would need to go to the loo. I began telling my mum to go to the entrance, as we had told one another in cas anyone got lost, we should just stay there and wait for the rest to turn up. But alas, there is absolutely NOBODY there! We panicked even more. My heart was pumping at its fastest rate and my mind was not working per normal anymore. My mum even tried to calm me down though I could see she was more scared than me. After a while, I told my mum to remain where she was and I went to search the whole building (I'm not good in anything except directions. Really.) I started running and people stared at me awkwardly. It was a bad time to get lost as the shopping centre was holding a break dancing competition at that point of time. Everyone crowded around the area and started cheering or jeering. It only served to add on to my panic scale. When I finally gave up, I went back to where my mum was situated and guess what? She wasn't there? Now you can imagine my panic scale has reached the MAXIMUM. Anyway, we finally found one another after around 30 minutes. My father, being the ever grouchy one, tried to use his silent treatment on us, but deep down, we all knew he was just as worried as any of us. Can you all guess why we were separated in the first place? Yes, very clever ah you all, its none other than my GM. Since she couldn't walk fast, there are certain people who went to cut her queue and thus we couldn't see one another. And you think only Singaporeans do that. How wrong. On the other hand, to say the truth, none of us really had any mood to shop, but still, off we went. There's nothing sigificant there for me to blog about, except that my GM kept complaining why were we there and not going back to the hotel yet. SIGH. To think that we keep telling her that our bus was scheduled for 7pm. We repeated countless times, but nonetheless, I supposed she really got a poor memory lar.

On the 3rd day, GM decided not to travel with us. We were actually relieved because in our minds, this can only mean one thing--->>>SHOPPING at ease! Yay! But we woke up late, and by the time we reached KL, it was already 1pm. As usual, my aunt and I went to purchase the tickets first. After that, she came up with an ingenious idea---to take the LRT. Our opinions were mixed; on one hand, this could be the kind of experience and exposure we need to really view the city ina different light as compared to the norm of taking cabs everywhere, yet on the other hand, we had not taken the LRT before, excluding my aunt and my brother, who took once each. After much of my aunt's persuasion, we decided it was okay. We took the gamble and hurried off to the LRT, which was just behind the bus station. My aunt suggested going to The Mall because none of us had been there before. The ride was supposed to be a easy 4 stops away. I mean, what could go wrong right? Wrong, everything that could be wrong went wrong. First, we took the wrong side of the LRT, which means we had to switch over to the other side. However, my aunt was chatting with a Penang girl and she was telling us we should not alight the next stop because it would mean we would have to pay again as there is no detour. But at this point of time, the LRT had closed its doors and my mum and my brother were both outside, staring at us as the LRT went past. SHUCKS. As a result, we got lost again. AGAIN! Second time in 2 days. Having no choice, we listened to the native Penang girl who told us (my aunt, me and my father, who was getting grouchy and angry, kept scolding my aunt indirectly, 'coz he was scolding my aunt through me. Gettit?) and alighted 3 stops later. We crossed over to the other side only realise it was WRONG way! Luckily my aunt knew some Malay and managed to understand a cleaning lady (she cleans the LRT walkways). I could only guess from her gestures that something was wrong. We do not need to cross afterall! WTH?! Ah.. to think we trust the Penang girl. Tsk tsk. Anyway, we were reunited again after we made our way back to the station where my mother and my brother was. Sigh. It sort of dampened our mood to shop again. But like what my aunt said, it was indeed an experience.

(Okay, let me digress a little. The LRT has no divided seats; it's like a bench. And it is made of METAL! Can you imagine how cold it is when we sat down? Moreover, the train conductor would SOMETIMES read out the station (yes, it is LIVE, not pre-recorded), not ALWAYS. As a result, we could not rely on the train conductor; we relied on our eyes instead. Oh yar, one last thing-->> the LRT has many carriages connected to form a long train, and one cannot cross over, unlike Singapore's MRT, where you can board at any part of the train and still managed to walk to the end. Malaysia's LRT is separated leh! And the funniest thing is, the train doors only open for 5 seconds. The doors opened for 2 seconds before the sound 'beep' went off 3 times and immediately, the doors CLOSED! So one has to be very very fast in order to rush out. Now I fully realise what it really meant when people say 'time waits for no man'. Perfect example. Heh)

The Mall is not like any conventional mall. It is like a culture mall, where it sold lots of traditional costume. And guess what? We saw the Sultan!! But I am not sure which Sultan it is, sorry ah, 'coz I was at the 4th storey when I heard drums and applause and I sneaked a peek and I saw him. Couldn't catch what the emcee was saying though. But he really has a good life! People fanning (yes it is TRUE!) him. I got bored after a while (especially when I could not see very clearly and could not hear either.) and went to shop Parkson Grand. Parkson Grand is Malaysia's equivalent of Metro or Isetan, and the difference is that Parkson Grand is only limited to Malaysia, unlike Metro or Isetan, which are international stores. But sadly, I did not see anything I like ( I seriously think their fashion lag us, no offence, personal opinion) and thus left the place empty handed.

On the 4th day, we set off home. It was a smooth journey until the bus suddenly screeched and halted. Everyone was jolted awake and looking at one another, wondering what's wrong. Then we realised that the 'fan' inside the coach system was spoilt. The driver and a kind-hearted man tried to remove and replace a new one. Just when we thought everything was fine, the coach screeched again. This time, we knew something was really wrong with the coach. Being defiant, I said very loudly ( haha for the driver to hear) that since Yong Peng (the rest stop for all coaches) was only 2 km away, we should 'ying (4) cheng (1) xia(4) qu(4)', which means we should 'die die also must reach there before the bus died', and miraculously, that's exactly what the driver did. After having a simple dinner (I only ate 2 'paos'), the driver informed us that the coach really cannot move anymore, and we had to shift all our belongings to the other coach, which happened to have some 10 empty seats. The 8 of us and another 2 from our coach rapidly move our belongings and luggage to the other coach. This time round, the coach is damn steady man! It sped all the way! Can you imagine? After listening to 3 songs, the coach had already travelled 20+ km. Super fast. My brother commented that Malaysia has super good drivers. There was only 1 streetlight every 5-10km or so. It is that bad! We couldn't see anything and yet the driver could drive so freaking fast! Damn pro!! =)

OOPS! Just realised that this is a really LONG entry!!! One last thing before I end; at the Singapore Customs there, the customs officer kept looking at me in a weird manner, as though I look very different from the passport photo. Gosh, seems like I must change my passport soon? =)

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